Hadoop HA – integral, Reliable & Simple

High Availability (HA) in traditional RDBMS, like Oracle, is a complicated business – not for the faint of heart. Also, HA in RDBMS,  comes with high capital and operational cost as it is considered a separate component. In contrast, HA  In Hadoop, seems like a natural progression of its cluster and configuration oriented architecture. HA […]

Sizing NameNode Heap Memory

The NameNode memory allocation plays a critical role in ensuring overall cluster performance. The NameNode is the core metadata server of Hadoop. This is the most critical piece of the system. NameNode stores the file system image and the file system journal. The NameNode keeps all of the filesystem layout information (files, blocks, directories, permissions, etc) […]

The Big Data Mindset

  Big data / Hadoop is here today. Mostly because as an open platform with powerful tools to achieve enterprise data platforms cost effectively.  No doubt, that there is hype in rushing to Hadoop implementation with less consideration to user adaption, sustainability and internal staff augmentation. For worthwhile considerations may be: Can Hadoop be the total/end-to-end replacement […]